Yoni Vaginal Steam

Yoni Vaginal Steam

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Yoni steaming, also known as vaginal steaming, is an ancient practice where a woman allows the warmth of herbal steam to permeate the exterior and interior of her vagina. It’s a very calming and grounding experience but also very detoxing for the womb and yoni.

Generations of women have shared this knowledge among one another, inspiring each other to connect with sensuality, love and the desire to heal our bodies.

We have sourced the BEST of the BEST supplier for this yoni Steam blend and we are SO impressed with the quality and high vibration of the ingredients – all ORGANICALLY grown.

When order is placed It comes with step-by-step instructions with how to use. 

Proprietary Statement 

Ess Steam Herbs original and unique formulas are
proprietary of Ess Steam Herbs and may contain
ingredients not listed here.


• Lavender 

• Chamomile 

• Rose Petal 


No known precautions. We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For educational purposes only.